Caviar Nail Art Beads Review

Caviar manicures look amazing and have become famous due to ciate creating a rather expensive looking 3D manicure. Their kits cost £18 which I personally think is a huge rip off. I am very happy to recreate their look with a much more affordable but slightly time consuming option.

The first thing that I did was to find some beads which could be used to recreate the look. Caviar Nail Art Beads -

The beads needed to be round and tiny. I found a lot of sellers on ebay, some in England but they were charging quite a lot for a very small bag of beads and often only in one colour. In the end I opted for a seller based in Hong Kong who was offering 18 colours of beads. Postage and Packing was only £1.99 and I placed a bid and won for 99p. So all in less than £3. An absolute bargain!Caviar Nail Art Beads -

The beads arrived in two weeks and there are a few things I should mention before you order them. On the website the jars look MASSIVE. In fact each jar is about the size of my nail. Hopefully the picture below shows how small they are. Secondly the colours show on the ebay listing were not the range I received. I received probably only nine colours but about two bottles of each. For example I didn’t get a jar of black beads. To be honest I should have complained but considering the time it took for them to arrive and how cheap they were I am not too bothered!Caviar nail art beads -

Caviar Nail Art Beads - Nailtart.comI have tried one of these jars in my first Caviar manicure which you can see here. I found that one jar could be used on two nails to get a very full effect. I would highly recommend using something like a take away plastic storage tub underneath your nail when you tip on to it to catch the excess. Try and make a funnel out of paper to insert the excess beads back into the tiny jars.

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