MASH Nail Art Polish for Stamping – Silver Glitter Review

The final Mash Nails nail polish that I am reviewing is called Silver Glitter. This is a stamping polish which should give a glittery effect. I started off by painting my nails white. I used the Mash Nails White that I reviewed in this postMash Nail Art Polish in White by Nailtart.comI used stamping plate BM 218 and I applied the Silver Glitter to the stamping plate, scraped off and I noticed that it looked like all of the silver had vanished. I stamped onto my black nail and it could barely be seen. I tried again with a different stamp outline but again it would not show up. I painted my nails four different colours but each time the stamp did not clearly show up. Instead what I did notice about the silver glitter is that it is a lovely polish so I decided to see if I could still use it in a normal manicure without stamping with it. Mash Nail Art Polish in Black by

I used the White and Black stamping polishes by Mash Nails and made the design using stamping plates. I then decided to paint the Silver Glitter over the top like a top coat. The effect was very sparkly and shimmery. Mash Nail Art Polish in Glittery Silver by

I think this will be a perfect polish to add over nearly any colour. It is quite a thick polish and I only applied one coat to get the effect shown in the pictures. Mash Nail Art Polish in Glittery Silver by

Product Summary:

Base: Barry M Nail Hardener 3 in one top and base coat
Base Colour: Mash Nails Black and White Stamping Polish
Stamping Plates: BM218
Stamping Polish: Mash Nails Black and White Stamping Polish
Top: Mash Nails Silver Glitter Stamping Polish 

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