Bonfire Night Fireworks Nail Art

Bonfire Night is upon us and here is my fireworks nail art. Fireworks Nail Art using Barry M Gelly Plum by

I tried and failed to do some freehand fireworks. At some point I will make an outtakes page and the pictures will end up on there. Instead here is a much neater manicure. I used Barry M Plum Gelly as the base for each nail. It is such a rich thick colour and perfect for stamping on top of.Fireworks Nail Art using Barry M Gelly Plum by

I used the same stamping plate image and stamped it in different directions. I have used the Barry M Chameleon polishes for stamping. All three colours on different nails. I love the effect. On two of my nails I also used Barry M Gold Foil.Fireworks Nail Art using Barry M Gelly Plum by

What are you doing tonight to celebrate Bonfire Night?

Base: Barry M Hardener 3 in 1 top and base coat
Base Colour: Barry M Plum Gelly
Stamping Plate: BM 302
Price: £3.99 from Superdrug or Boots
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3 thoughts on “Bonfire Night Fireworks Nail Art

  1. Hi i love these nails but can’t find where to get the nail plate from . i typed in the number you said but it came up with a different plate. please can you give me some links to try so i can buy it.

    Thanks Rebecca x

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